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Dive into the revolutionary world of Stable Diffusion and transform the way you create. Our comprehensive courses are designed to take you from the basics of image generation to mastering the art of bringing your most ambitious ideas to life.

Whether you’re crafting fantastical characters, envisioning futuristic products, or designing immersive worlds, our curriculum is tailored to expand your creative toolkit exponentially.

Tailored Learning Journey

Beginner Courses

Intro to Automatic 1111

How Does Stable Diffusion Work (coming soon)

Writing Effective Prompts in Stable Diffusion

Difference Between Stable Diffusion Models

How to Install Automatic 1111 WebUI on Mac

What is CFG Scale?

What is a Seed Value?

Moving Prompts in WebUI

X/Y/Z Plot in WebUI

Expanding Any Image with Outpainting

Correcting Images with Inpainting

How Samplers Impact the Output (coming soon)

txt2img vs img2img (coming soon)

Bring Any Drawing to Life with img2img (coming soon)

Intermediate Innovations

Elevate your skills. Explore intermediate techniques that will refine your ability to create complex and detailed imagery.

πŸ“š Courses coming soon!

Advanced Mastery

Push the boundaries. Delve into advanced strategies and learn how to manipulate and perfect your generative artistry.

πŸ“š Courses coming soon!

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Blog & News

Keep abreast of the latest trends, updates, and breakthroughs in generative AI and how they affect the creative industry.

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