Moving Prompts Efficiently in Automatic 1111 Stable Diffusion WebUI

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I love to use keyboard shortcuts when possible as they improve efficiency and help to reduce mistakes.

In the Automatic 1111 Stable Diffusion WebUI application, if you hold down Option (Alt) and press an arrow key left or right, you can move the location of the prompt forwards or backward.

While this can quickly allow you to change the order of the prompts, which is important when working with stable diffusion models, it can also be frustrating if you want to just fix a small typo as it overrides the system default behavior for highlighting words.

Luckily, it is fairly easy to change this behavior.

Demonstration of the before and after effect.

To prevent this from happening in the Stable Diffusion WebUI, go to the following location: Settings > User interface

Then scroll down and uncheck ‘Alt+left/right moves prompt elements’:

Be sure to hit the ‘Apply settings’ button at the top of the screen to update your running instance of WebUI.

Here’s a video walkthrough: