About Createlet

Createlet was founded to deliver quality and comprehensive content for artists in an unpretentious and fun way.

Through our in-depth guides and articles, we aim to set a foundation that you will find indispensable in your career as an artist. Whether you are looking to try a new technique, in search of a supply recommendation, or are simply browsing for inspiration – we hope that we can help you.

Like you, I am always trying to improve the quality of my work. If you have a suggestion for improvement or are looking to simply get in touch to say ‘Hi!’ – feel free to send an email to hello [at] createlet.com.

Editorial Standards

When writing articles, we adhere to strict editorial guidelines in order to ensure a higher quality standard in our work.  

With every article that we publish, we aim to have well-researched and fact-based information that can withstand scrutiny from fellow artists.

Product Reviews

Art supplies are difficult to objectively review as much of the performance of the supply depends on the talent of the artist.  Therefore, when writing reviews, we write with the student-level artist in mind.  We take this stance as we believe that most professional artists already know their supplies and have very specific features they are looking for.

Furthermore, in the product reviews, there is a mix between products we have personally tried ourselves in the studio and those that have been exhaustively researched.  

While we wish every product was a hands-on review, unfortunately, due to both budget and time restraints, there are some limitations to this approach.

Featured Artwork

Artwork featured on the site is a blend between those we created ourselves and those that fall under the CC0 license. If you would like to have your work featured on the site, please reach out to us and we will take it under consideration.

Independently Owned & Operated

Createlet is independently owned and operated.  The content that is shared on this is site is our own.  We do not accept paid or sponsored posts on the site. 

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