Breathtaking Forest Concept Art

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There is nothing better than getting out there and dabbling in a bit of plein air painting.

However, for many the forest may be a long drive away.

Therefore, we wanted to put together this collection of some amazing forest concept art from incredible artists that simply takes our breath away.

So if you are looking to get in the mood on your next piece, check out some of the terrific artwork by the artists below:

Forest Concept Art

Elise Mathez

Forest And Ruins

Sylvain Sarrailh


Jessica Aumaitre

Pathway – Environment Concept

Mia Marié Boas

Forest Frogs

Geoffrey Soudant

Misty Trail

Sarah May White

Forest Around Bad Liebenstein Night Time

Johanna Rupprecht

House of Maroulène

T.L. Theiss

Environment Sketch

Leonardo Dionisi


Khairizal Anwar

Edrurion Artwork

Emily Partington

Dark Forest

Edin Durmisevic

Mirkwood Forest Clearing

Ilya Nazarov

Underwater Paris


Shadow of Mordor Mirkwood

Ilya Nazarov


Wadim Kashin

Calm Pond Scene

Airborn Studios

Reconnaissance Patrol

Markus Luotero

Geometric Themed Forest

Daniel Schmelling

Path to the Capital

Derek Weselake

Ori Concept

Airborn Studios

The Living Forest

Cosmin Hrincu

Woods Concept

Johannes Bengtsson

Forest Home

Marek Tamowicz

Shiny Woods

Daniel Schmelling

Autumn Colors

Emmanuel Malin

Wardine Temple

Katy Grierson

Magical Forest

Alexandre GODBILLE

Riak Canyon

Kim Kresan


Gaelle Marco

Cabin In The Woods

Jakob Österbacka

Elven Forest

Jury Podolyak

Forest With Light Snowfall

jason scheier

World Frozen In Time

Gaelle Seguillon

Forest Environment

Sergey Vasnev

Destroyed Rune


Dreamy Forest

Seung Ho Henrik Holmberg

Illuminated Pathway

jason scheier

Little Red Riding Hood

Tomas Honz

Hunter’s Cabin


Forest Study

Maria Yue

Giant Forest

Junhyuk Lim


Tim Blandin


Stray Child


Einar Martinsen

Virtual Plein Air

Marta Danecka

The Undiscovered Country

Christian Hecker

Foxes in the Ruins

Pavel Elagin

The Secret Cave

Maxime Delcambre


Robin Olausson

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